B2MOS Demo Day

LEGHORN participated today in  B2MOS Demo Day, event organised by Livorno Port Authority and targeting all the major players and stakeholders of Livorno Port Community.


High security barrier seal NEW FORKSEAL
Bar seals do have this deterrence capability. Barrier seals first appeared on the security market during early 90's, when it was discovered a new way to tamper a container, not by breaching its locking seal but directly the container handles. One of the first bar seal that could be used

I.M.O. International Maritime Organization LABELS

I.M.O. International Maritime Organization is the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. I.M.O. regulations strictly rule the international maritime transportation of dangerous goods (International Maritime Dangerous Goods, IMDG, Code Part and imposes that all


security labels
Adhesive security labels provide a valid system for sealing filing cabinets, windows, doors, boxes and various equipment. Any LEGHORN security label uses a pressure sensitive adhesive. It adheres immediately without creating any problem. After its application, the security label indicates tampering in case you try to remove it. Each of our labels
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